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December 2015 Newsletter

December 1, 2015

Dear Friends,

Red River Valley Dulcimer Club will meet at First Baptist Church at the new Family Life Center on December 19, 2015 from 10 am to 3 pm.  It is located on the NW corner of Beech and 2nd Avenue in Durant.  (This new building is just across from where we have been meeting.)  If anyone wants special instruction on MD or HD please let Lynda Bowers know by calling 215-622-6394. 

This will also be RRVDC’s Christmas Celebration by sharing a meal and jamming together.  The club will provide the BBQ meat and ask club members to bring a side dish or desserts, along with your choice of soft drinks to go with the meal.  Please RSVP to Lynda Bowers at the above number by 5 PM December 14th what you will be bringing so we can make adjustments and don’t have too much of one item.  Your RSVP is important as the club is providing the meat and we need to know how much to order.  If you say you are coming and something happens you can’t, PLEASE let Lynda know.  This is always a fun day so make your plans to come!  Even if Aunt Bertha is coming to visit for the first time in 25 years, just bring her with you!!  Everybody is welcome!!!!!

Up and Coming Dates

December 5, 2015

RRVDC Saturday Jam at 1:00 PM at Pioneer Village Museum.  If anyone would like special help on the MD we can break off into smaller groups.  This is not a performance, just a relaxed and no stress jam.

December 19, 2015

Alice Craig will be hosting a house concert with Spencer & Rains.  If you have never heard this group you will be in for a treat.  Concert will start at 7 PM at 603 Folsom Road, Caddo, OK.  Tickets are $8 advanced sales and $10 at the door.


January 1-3, 2016

New festival!!!!  Many of you will remember way back when we used to go to the “Dulcimer Retreat” in Huntsville, Texas at Sam Houston State University.  It was always fun and jam packed with jamming with each acoustic instrument getting to lead the jam.  We all packed into the University Hotel on campus and spent the weekend learning and swapping songs.   North Harris County Dulcimer Society has decided to start the Dulcimer Retreat again.  If you have the opportunity be sure to go.  It is a fun and very relaxed atmosphere and a great group of musicians to learn new songs and licks from.  What a great way to start the New Year!!!!  For more information and registration forms go to Click on the ‘Musical Events’ for schedules and registration.  The University Hotel information will also be there. Or contact Steve Heiser at 281-491-3190 or


Also in January (no date set)

Lloyd Wright and Steven Seifert are planning a three day MD workshop sometime in January.  We don’t have all the details just yet but will announce them as soon as we get them.  Right now they are trying to set up a location for the workshops and hope to have evening concerts.  These two young men are great musicians and instructors and studied under the late David Schnaufer.  So if you live up that way be sure to take this in.  We will send out more information as we get it.

Speaking of David Schnaufer!!!!!!

Several years ago Debbie Porter headed up the “Dulcimers for David” program with some help from her musician friends.  This program was to raise money to give young people interested in dulcimer music a chance to get a dulcimer. One of David Schnaufer’s passions was to pass the music on through the young people.  To date Debbie has presented dulcimers to youngsters all over the US.  The second Dulcimers for David CD came out in the last three months.  If you have not heard it you are missing a great CD, with the money going to a great cause. Some of the contributing artists on it are David Schnaufer himself, The Wright Family, Karen Mueller, Atwater & Donnelly, Jim Curley and John Hartford, and many more names you will be familiar with.  So if you need a gift for someone for Christmas you might consider this.  It is an excellent CD for $15.  You can contact Deb at or Teri Siddens will have some CD’s with her at the RRVDC meeting.

We want to take the time to remember our members and friends that may be under the weather or struggling.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Well that is all the news we have for now.  RRVDC wants to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!!!!  Enjoy the season and always remember the “Reason for the Season”!!       

Many thanks to Teri Siddens for another great job on our newsletter!


RRVDC Secretary

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