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September 2015 Newsletter

 As always many thanks to Teri Siddens for writing the newsletter!


September 1, 2015

Dear Friends,

The Red River Valley Dulcimer Club will meet on September 19, 2015 at the First Baptist Church, 124 Evergreen, Durant, Oklahoma.  Doors will open at 8:45 am for beginning classes that will begin at 9 am for new MD and HD players.  If you are a beginner and would like instruction please call Lynda Bowers at 215-622-6394 so that she can arrange for an instructor to be available.  General practice time will start at 10 am.

We will break for lunch at 12 noon and eat and have a short business meeting.  We encourage you to bring your lunch so you don’t miss any of the meetings.  We are coming up fast on Winter Creek Reunion and as club members you need to know all the latest information.  The WCR board will be meeting this week so there will be more news to be announced. We will need all our members to be on hand to help in one way or another at some time during the festival. 

RRVDC will be jamming and practicing from 1-4 on Saturday, September 5, 2015 at the museum at Grayson County Frontier Village, 100 R C Vaughn Dr., Dennison, TX.  Rain or shine we will practice and jam.  If you are having trouble with a tune this is the practice group to be with.  They will spend about 10 minutes on instruction and then play it up to 10 times.  You would be surprised how this gets the tune into your head and develop your muscle memory.  It’s a good practice technique to use anytime when you are learning a tune. 


Just a few short weeks and we will all be in Bennington, OK enjoying (we hope) some nice cool fall weather and playing music together.  Just a reminder to you!  Have you sent in your registration form for t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and choice of meals (meals are $2 cheaper with preorder!!)   Remember pre-order registration MUST be received by September 30th!   On our product sales we don’t’ order very many extra and you don’t want to miss out on our hand designed t-shirts by our own Laurel Hamrick.  She does an outstanding job on our festival design every year.    So mail your forms in today!!!

Our campground with water and electricity is full at the moment, but Lynda has a waiting list if you would like to add your name. There is still tent and dry camping available on the festival grounds. There is other camping available in the nearby area.  Check our web site for names and numbers.  There are also hotel/motels in Durant, OK if you’re looking for accommodations.  Durant is about 20 miles “down the road” from the festival, but still near enough to make it convenient.

With the growth we have experienced in our campgrounds we have had to come up with some rules for RV campers.  Lynda sent a copy out by e-mail to everybody so we hope you got yours.  If you didn’t please call her and request a copy.  Our rules are simple and set up for a reason, to make things easier and better for all of us.  We request you abide by them to help us let you have the most enjoyable weekend at Winter Creek Reunion.  Thank You!!!

 RRVDC will be having workdays in the upcoming weeks for cleanup and general work to be done before the festival. We are so excited that we have bigger tents this year for jams and workshops.  The biggest news is we have hired a company to come and put them up and take them down.  The tents were always a big job for the guys and this will help so much.  We still have club tents to put up but they seem to be so much easier to work with than those big tents.  There is plenty to do to get ready, so check the work dates and plan to come join us.  Bring your lunch, tools, water or soft drinks and we might (now notice I said “might”!) even have a little time to play some music!!  So mark your calendars and come join us in getting ready for a great weekend in October!!


September 26. 2015    Gather at David’s about 8-9AM for a Grounds Clean Up  Bring your gardening tools, rakes, saws, shovels, weed eater, loppers and gloves.  Insect repellant if you have some.  Bring your lunch and soft drinks, water will be  provided.

October 3, 2015  Work day at David’s to finish up what is left to do.  If weather permits we may put up the club tents.  Bring your lunch, soft drink and water is provided.

October 8-11, 2015          WINTER CREEK REUNION TIME!!!!!!!

October 11 & 12  Clean up dates after WCR.  It all has to be put away and the grounds back to normal.  So stay and help.  Sunday night we will have a great Chili Pot Luck and fellowship hosted by RRVDC.  Bring a side dish to go with Chili. We will also jam if we want.  The shop will still be clear, but Monday the machinery all goes back so David can get busy building beautiful dulcimers again.


September 15, 2015  Featherstone Assisted Living at 2 PM

                                       1919 University Blvd, Durant, OK

                                        Kings Daughter’s & Sons Nursing Home at 3:30 PM

                                       1223 Baltimore St. Durant OK

                                     Contact Lynda Bowers regarding the play list at 215-622-6394

October 23 &24, 2015  Civil Way Days at Loy Lake Park

                                        Civil War Dress is required!!  Time to be announced.

November 7, 2015      Craft Show at Loy Lake Park

                                        Time to be announced.



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