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August 2015 Newsletter

July 28, 2015

Dear Friends,

The Red River Valley Dulcimer Club will meet on August 15, 2015 at the First Baptist Church, 124 Evergreen in Durant Oklahoma.  Doors open around 8:45 am for beginning classes that begin at 9 am for new HD and MD players.  If you are a beginner and would like instruction, please contact Lynda Bowers at 215-622-6394 or e-mail her at  General practice time and learning our 2015 set list tunes will start at 10 am.

We will break for lunch at 12 noon and have a short business meeting.  You are encouraged to bring your lunch.  We have refrigerators and microwaves available.  There are nearby places to buy lunch if you wish, but you won’t want to miss any of the meeting. It’s close to Winter Creek Reunion time and this is where you’re going to get all the first hand news!!!

RRVDC will be jamming and practicing from 1-4 pm on Saturday August 1, 2015 and the first Saturday of each month at the museum at Grayson County Frontier Village, 100 R C Vaughn Dr, Dennison, TX.  Take exit 67 off Hwy 75.  We will jam and practice rain or shine.  We have a nice air conditioned room during this HOT weather.  This group has already proven to be time well spent.  It not only helps in learning the tunes but helps us to play together and sound better.  If you’re having trouble with a tune we will spend about 10 minutes on instruction, but the rest of the time will be spent playing it for up to 10 repetitions to catch on, play a phrase several times, and help develop muscle memory.  You will be surprised how much this helps.  So come join us, we have fun doing this!


We now have eight new campsites!!!!!!!  These sites will be for smaller units but all have electricity and water.  If you are looking at the stage these new sites will be behind the showers and to the left.  It was part of the tent area last year.  No fear we still have plenty of tent camping space.  We have to thank Clyde Siddens, Ron Bowers, the Vanderveer family and Fred Williams for helping on this project.  They all spent some really hot days at David’s to get this done.  Words cannot express our appreacion to them for the hours spent working.  All of our sites are sold for WCR (Lynda does have a waiting list) but there is still tent and dry camping available.  There are also other campgrounds in the area with full hook ups.  For names and telephone numbers go to our web site there you will find registration forms also.  Even if you’re not camping be sure to send in a registration form with product orders, like t-shirts (INCLUDE SIZES!!!!), hoodies, tote bags, your choice of Friday night meal (stew or vegetarian), Saturday night meal (beef, pork or vegetarian).  This is important to ensure we order the correct number of product (extras are VERY limited) and we know how much food to prepare.   Pre-order registration forms MUST be received by September 30th.  We know you get tired of being reminded, but you would be surprised at how many forget and then they are left without a WCR t-shirt and they end of paying an extra $2.00 per meal!  So put those registration forms in the mail.    

We wish all of you could see the dedication our WCR board and club members have.  We are so grateful for the people we have with their many talents to help us set up one of the best festivals for you. They work hard for months before WCR.  Then in the weeks before we have our “Friends of WCR” who show up early for grounds work, setting up, cleaning up, just about anything we need done they pitch in.  By Thursday of that week it’s all done and we are ready to have a festival!!  We at RRVDC can’t thank you all enough.  Its hard work, it’s fun but best of all its WCR and it’s a reunion of great friends.  So you all come and join us!!

Don’t forget the “Early Bird Class” on Thursday afternoon from 1pm to 4 pm!!  This is a 3 hour class with your choice of Linda Thomas on HD, Aubrey Atwater on MD, Ann Norris on AH and Dan DeLancy on guitar.  This is your chance to work with a professional teacher. You can look them up on their websites and learn more about them.  Cost is $30 and you pay the instructor directly.  Do not send money for this class in with your registration form.

At  7 pm on Thursday, The Old Fashion Barn Dance will take place.  We did this last year and it was a lot of fun. If you don’t know how to dance we will teach you.  We don’t accept any excuses!  So stay around for more fun. 


Work Days for WCR                      September 19, 2015 regular meeting but important you be there.

                                                            September 26, 2015  Grounds work day at David’s

                                                            October 3, 2015 Set up Club tents, last minute stuff!!!

Play Date:                                         September 15, 2015 at 2 PM                                                         

                                                            Featherstone Retirement Home

                                                            1919 W University Blvd.

                                                            Durant, OK 74701

                                                            More information to come on this play.


It’s the third Annual Red River New Mexico Festival!!!  You are receiving this newsletter just a little early because several of the RRVDC club members are going to Red River to the festival on August 1.  We hope you are making plans to come with us.  It’s a fun & FREE one day festival sponsored by David and Annette Lindsey and the Community House in Red River.  If you want a break from the heat it is the place to be for sure.  Last time we checked the average temp was about 75 degrees.  Can’t beat that for July & August!!!  Entertainers for this year are Cathy Barton and Dave Para, Scott and Irma Reeder, Dana and Judy Hamilton, David and Annette Lindsey and David Ellison.  They will all be giving workshops all day on Saturday.  Free concerts on Friday and Saturday night.  If you enjoy Winter Creek Reunion you will love this festival too.

The fun will continue with David Lindsey and friends conducting a mountain dulcimer building class starting on August 9th  at 1 PM and continuing till the following Friday.  When you get done you will have built a McSpadden Sweet Sound walnut dulcimer!!  But it doesn’t end there!! On Saturday August 15th, Annette Lindsey will teach you how to play your beautiful mountain dulcimer in a two hour class.  So you will go home having built it and you will be able to play a tune on it.  No tools are required; David’s Dulcimers will provide them.  Cost for this fun class is $150.  There will be a sign up sheet available on the bulletin board at the Community House.  Be sure to sign up early as the workshop is limited and  will fill up quickly.

We also want our club members and friends who have been “under the weather” so to speak, to know we are thinking of them.  We hope you will be up and about soon, and join us for a jam. We have missed you!!!!

Well we will be thinking about all of you when we are in Red River.  Maybe we can bottle some of that cool air and bring it back!!  Keep us in your prayers for safe travels!!

As always many thanks to Teri Siddens for putting together the newsletter!


RRVDC Secretary

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