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July 2015 Newsletter

July 2, 2015

Dear Friends,

Red River Valley Dulcimer Club will meet on July 18, 2015.  We will meet at First Baptist Church, 124 Evergreen, Durant, OK.  Doors will open at 9 AM for beginner classes on Mountain Dulcimer and Hammer Dulcimer.  If you are a beginner and need instruction please call Lynda Bowers at 215-632-6394 to make prior arrangements.  Other players will meet at 10 AM for practice and instruction on our set list for performance songs.  We will break for lunch about 12 noon.  We encourage you to bring your lunch so we can eat, have a short club meeting and get on to jam in the afternoon till about 2 PM.  There are refrigerators and microwaves available for you to use.  Please bring your own drinks.

Due to the July 4th weekend the RRVDC Jam will be on July 11, 2015.  We will meet at the museum at Frontier Village, 100 RC Vaughn Drive in Dennison TX from 1- 4 PM.  This is a great gathering for practice and playing with a group.  We will allow 10 minutes of instruction on a song and then play it 5-6 times starting slow and will then bring it up to speed.   


Clyde Siddens and Ron Bowers will be getting together next week to see what the next step in working on the electrical and water lines for the new camping area.  After they access what needs to be done we will be setting definite work days for members to take part in.  Right now we are looking at the following dates:

September 19 - This will be our regular meeting at the church.  Important that you are there to hear all the last minute news and /or changes.

September 26 – Will definitely be a grounds work day.  Bring your gloves, hoes, saws, rakes and anything you will use to clean the grounds.  We request all club members who can come to be there.  Bring a sack lunch and water/drinks.


October 3 – May be a work day setting up club tents and help moving shop equipment so we can get the shop ready. Many last minute things will need to be tended to.  This year all the workshop tents will be put up and taken down by the company we will be getting them from.  So good news guys!!!  You won’t have to wrestle that big gray tent!!!!  We may have to have a ceremony to retire that tent!!!

Now remember these three dates above are pretty much written in stone.  We will have additional dates after Clyde and Ron get together.  We will get an e-mail out to you about those dates.

Camping with electric and water at the WCR festival grounds is full with a waiting list at this time.  We have tent and limited RV dry camping available. There are some other places to camp nearby and we have listed them on our web site and Facebook.  You are responsible for contacting them directly for reservations.  If you are registered for a site on the festival grounds and have not sent your payment in you will be put on the waiting list.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Even if you are not camping with us but coming to the festival and plan to buy t-shirts or eat with us on Friday and Saturday nights, please fill out a registration form COMPLETELY!  If you’re ordering t-shirts, sizes are necessary.  We do not order many extras, so don’t miss out if you want a t-shirt.  Also we need to know if you plan to eat with us and your choice of meat for Saturday.  We want to make this run as smoothly as possible for you.   So PLEASE send in a registration form!!!  It makes it easier for us to plan ahead for what we will need.  Both meals (Friday & Saturday) served by the club will begin at 5 PM in the shop.

Winter Creek Reunion Flyers are on our website.  Feel free to print them out and pass along to your friends and fellow dulcimer players.  Don’t forget to mention the Specialty Classes on Thursday, October 8th.  It’s a three hour class for $30.00. (Paid directly to the instructor at the beginning of the class (do not send this fee in with your WCR registration).  No prior registration necessary for this class.  This year we have Linda Thomas on HD, Aubrey Atwater on MD, Ann Norris on Auto Harp and Dan DeLancy on Guitar.  Make your learning experience even better, look up the instructor on the web and e-mail them to let them know what you’d like to work on.  Be sure and mention you will be at WCR so they know what festival you’re coming to. Cindy’s Concession will have a complete dinner available after class in case you don’t want to cook!!  Then also Thursday night stick around for the Old Fashioned Barn Dance at 7 PM.  We had this last year and it was well attended and lots of fun.

Of course by now you know our featured entertainers will be Joe Jewel HD, Atwater & Donnelly MD & Guitar and clogging, Ann Norris Auto Harp and Linda Thomas and Dan DeLancy on HD and Guitar.  We have  several of our local folks too, Randall McKinnon (he has a new CD out!!), Sweet Song String Band, The Wright’s, Dana Hamilton and more.   Well that’s about all the news about Winter Creek for now.  But we will keep you updated as time goes on.


 For the third year, David and Annette Lindsey have organized this festival in Red River New Mexico.  They have invited the RRVDC and friends to join them for a day of music and workshops.  It will be held at the Red River Community House on the main street in town.  It is surrounded by mountains and pine trees so you can’t help be inspired by all this beauty.  If you’re a non-player you can sit on the front porch of the Community House and listen to the music, go shopping or go over to the river that runs thru town and take your place on a bench with a good book.  There is something for everyone to do that you will enjoy.

The festival will feature Cathy Barton and Dave Para, Dana and Judy Hamilton, Scott and Irma Reeder and David Ellison as well as David and Annette performing and as workshop leaders.  Free concerts on Friday and Saturday nights.  It’s really a great time and it’s FREE admission.  So grab a friend and come to Red River with us, you won’t be disappointed we promise!!

You don’t have a dulcimer you say?  No excuse!!!  There will be loaner dulcimers available for you to try out in a workshop.  But better yet on Sunday August 9 Th at 3:30 PM David Lindsey will teach a MD building workshop.  You will build a McSpadden Sweet Sound dulcimer from a kit.  The building class will continue Monday thru Friday from 1-3 PM.  Don’t have tools you say?  No worries there either.  David’s Dulcimers will provide the tools and expertise.  David and his friends will guide you thru the whole process of building.  So now you have a beautiful new dulcimer you built with your own hands and you say you can’t play it?   No excuses!!!!  Annette Lindsey will do a 2 hour workshop on Saturday August 15th on how to play your new dulcimer.  By the end of the class you will have learned a song to play so you can go home with a smile on your face and a sense of accomplishment in building your own dulcimer and you will know how to play it.  What a deal.  Fee for the building work shop is $150 and there are only ten spaces available.  There will be a sign up sheet at the Community House on the bulletin board.  Spaces will go fast so don’t delay.  This will be a fun class.        

If you need information on campgrounds and places to stay in Red River, call Teri Siddens at 903-293-8322 or e-mail her at  Or you can get on the computer and search There is lots of information there for you to look at.

Again we have given you lots of news this month.  Mark your calendars and make your plans to join us at a meeting, Jam or Red River.  We would love to have you come make music with us. 


As always many, many thanks to Teri Siddens for putting together this awesome newsletter.

RRVDC Secretary

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