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April 2015 Newsletter

April 1, 2015

Dear Friends,

The Red River Valley Dulcimer Club will meet on April 18, 2015 at the First Baptist Church, 124 Evergreen in Durant Oklahoma.  Doors open around 8:45 AM for beginning classes that will begin at 9 AM for new players in both MD and HD.  If you are a beginner and would like instruction, please contact Lynda Bowers at 215-622-6394 or e-mail so she can ensure there is an instructor there.  General practice time and learning our new 2015 set list tunes will start at 10 AM till noon.

We will break for lunch at 12 noon.  You are encouraged to bring your lunch as this is when we have our monthly meeting.  We have lots of activities and Winter Creek Reunion news that will be coming up and this is where you will find out all the latest information and be able to ask questions.  There are nearby places you can go get your lunch but don’t miss a minute of our newsy meetings!!  If you are bringing something that needs refrigerated or warmed up we are able to use the church’s kitchen facilities.

Winter Creek Reunion is in the works!!!!!  The men are already gathering supplies to work on improvements. They have big plans that you will want to hear about.  Workshop areas will be greatly improved by adding tents that will have sides on them in case of inclement weather.  More improvements in the stage area are also planned.  So you see you need to come to the meeting to be “in the know”!!  We will be announcing workdays soon!!  Check out or Facebook for the latest information.  RV camping reservations will open on June 1st at 9 AM.  We will keep you updated who to contact as the date gets closer.  Remember October 8th – 11th, 2015 ALL ROADS LEAD TO BENNINGTON OKLAHOMA!!!  Mark your calendars today!!!!

NEW NEW NEW NEW!!!  Red River Valley Dulcimer Club will be jamming and practicing from 1-4 PM on the first Saturday of each month at the museum at Grayson County Frontier Village, 100 R C Vaughn Drive, Dennison, Texas.  Hwy 75 Exit 67.  We will jam/practice rain or shine as we will have use of the community room also.  We may have to change the date if there is a conflict but you will be notified by e-mail in that case.  We will be meeting to jam and will allow 10 minutes for instruction on a tune you’re having trouble with.  We will then slow jam that tune for a round of 3-6 times and bring it up to jam speed.  When we were doing this before the group sounded so much better and were becoming more musical.  So come out and join us for this fun day.  It will really benefit your playing and playing with a group.  PLEASE NOTE!!!  In April we will meet on April 11th instead of the first weekend so that our club can take part in Fort Washita.

If you’re out there surfing the web be sure and look up  WCR has been added to their website.  Click on Festivals and go from there.  Be sure to leave a comment.  Another good site is  A very good site to look around in for anything you might want to know about the dulcimer.  YouTube is a good resource in finding the melody of a song you have never heard before.


 Thursday, April 2, 2015 The Vanderveers will be playing at 7 pm at First Baptist Church, 307 Hwy 11 in Tom Bean, Texas.  The boys range from 11 years to 17 and are the most gracious, talented and polite boys you have met in a long time.  If you have never seen them play music you have missed an opportunity and are in for a special treat. A “Love Offering” will be taken to help with their travel expenses.  Hope to see you there!!!   


Thursday April 2nd and Saturday April 4th, 2015 the RRVDC will play at Fort Washita.  April 2nd is school children day.  Please arrive around 8:30- 9 am so that we can be set up and tuned before the children arrive.  Wear your 1800’s dress for this day and on Saturday.  There will be a tent set up for us.  Saturday April 4th the time will be around 11:00 AM.    Ft. Washita is located at 3348 State Rd 199, Durant, OK.

Saturday, April 25th   9:00am to 4:00 pm  Frontier Day at Frontier Village, Loy Lake  Exit 67 on Hwy 75, 111 R C Vaughan Rd., Dennison, TX 75020.  Wear your 1800’s attire.  This is the timeframe for this event but we probably will not need to be there all day.  We are also playing at Earth Day in Sherman, TX from 9:30 - 10:15 AM.  Please arrive at 9:00AM.

April 23, 24 and 25, 2015 Lloyd Wright will be doing a Mountain Dulcimer workshop in Kennard Texas.  This is a chance to work with a teacher that will help you enhance your playing skills.  The cost is will be $100 per person.  Low cost lodging and meals will be available upon request.  For more information call Lloyd at 936-222-8895 or Margaret at 935-222-1892.

Saturday May 2, 2015 we will play from 9:00 am till noon at the opening of the Denison Farmers Market.  The club has participated in this for the past several years.  Need to arrive about 8:30 am to set up and tune up.  This is a Red Shirt Event.  After we play we can all go to lunch together (dutch treat) then meet at Frontier Village for our monthly jam. 


As usual many thanks to Teri Siddens for writing the newsletter!

RRVDC Secretary

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