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February 2015 Newsletter

February 1, 2015

Dear Friends;

The RRVDC will meet on FEBRUARY 28, 2015  at the First Baptist Church, 124 Evergreen in Durant, Oklahoma.  Doors open at around 8:45 AM for beginning classes that will begin promptly at 9:00 AM for new players in both MD and HD.   If you are a beginner and would like instruction, please contact Lynda Bowers at 215-622-6394 or email so she can ensure there is an instructor there.  Also  general practice time and learning our new 2015 set list tunes will start at 10 AM until noon.

We will break for lunch and a short business meeting at 12 noon.   This is a brown bag lunch or you can go out for something.  There are refrigerators and a microwave available.  Jamming will begin right after the meeting until around 2 or 3 PM.

This is always a fun time so be sure to pick out your favorite song to play.  If you have been working on a song and would like to play it for us please feel free to do so.  We are a very attentive audience and offer only support and kudo’s!!!!  Great way to break the ice if you want to do that solo in church or in front of a group.


We had a GREAT meeting for the Annual January Pot Luck at David’s Dulcimer’s.  After days of cloudy, gloomy weather, we had a beautiful sunny day to gather in the shop and play music and visit with all our friends from near and far.  We had over 50 people attend! That is an all-time record!!! Visitors from Ohio and Florida and some who just came to sit and listen.


There were many delicious pot luck delights and no one walked away hungry and we are sure they got their fill of good music too.  We thank you all for participating.  The January Pot Luck is always our “fun” meeting where we all can just relax and enjoy the time together. (Not that our other meetings aren’t fun!!!  We are just a “fun” bunch!!)  Pictures are posted on our FB page.  Check them out.

Randall McKinnon and Cathy Maybury have been part of our Winter Creek family for several years now.  Randall takes care of our stage during the day and keeps groups entertaining us.  We received an e-mail from him telling us about his new CD, “Back Home”.  We have known Randall could sing and play the guitar and did a lot of entertaining in Colorado.  Over the years at WCR he has also picked up the mountain dulcimer.  Well we got one of the CD’s and it is great!!!!  He said he had been traveling some new “old music” roads in the past few years and that the people he has met have helped to shape this project.  On the inside of the CD jacket he names some of our WCR friends and even mentions Winter Creek Reunion!!  Randall’s enthusiasm for his work and his deep voice shines with every song.  Songs like “Gum Tree Canoe”, “Hard Times”, “River”, “Friends for Life” and “Home Grown Tomatoes” make this a great CD.  Not to mention the CD cover!!  I am sure Cathy had a hand in helping Randall pick a water color called “Cornflowers” by Ann Weaver!!  Good job Randall and Cathy!!!!  To order a CD go to,  or write him at Randall McKinnon, P O Box 24480, Silverthorne, Colorado 80497

Upcoming Happenings

On Friday February 6, 2015 at 6 PM David and Annette will be playing music at King’s Daughter Nursing Home, 1223 Baltimore St, Durant OK.  They have invited anyone from the club to come join them.  The residents are always a captive audience and love the music.

RRVDC will play for The Willows Senior Living on February 16, 2015.   Please arrive a little before 1:30 PM to get set up, and be sure to bring your own chair/stool.  The Willows is located at 3410 Post Oak Crossing, Sherman, Texas (West of 75).  This is a “Red Shirt” event so wear your club shirts.  Please join us in bringing joy to some of our senior’s.  They enjoy visitors and especially ones who play a song they remember dancing to in their youth.  You will be blessed as much as they are.

Winter Festival of Acoustic Music will be on February 20th & 21st, 2015, at the First United Methodist Church, 211 W. 3rd St, Irving, TX. This year will be the last time for this festival.  It has always been a workshop intensive two days with great concerts on Friday and Saturday evenings.  This year’s headliners are Andy Young and Al Tauber, Stephen Humphries and Jesse Isley, Larry Conger and Aaron O’Rourke.  Promises to be a great weekend.  Let’s all join them in a great send off to new adventures.  For more information check out their website

Just so you know, the WCR festival committee has already met to get started for October.  Projects are already planned out and teams being put together for work days. Work days will be announced when we get things organized.  Come to our meetings and learn some music and get in on the plans.  We are always open to suggestions to make it better for everyone.

We want to leave you with a recipe from our January Potluck.  This was made by Carol Millet Turquette and it’s delicious!!!


2 cans corn drained                                  2 sticks butter cubed

2 cans cream corn                                    1 16 oz Velveeta cheese cubed

2 cups macaroni (uncooked) **Not whole wheat, it gets gummy!!**

Optional:             1 diced onion 1 each diced red pepper and green pepper

                             Salt and pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients in slow cooker.  Cook on High for 45 minutes, then stir and reduce heat to low and cook 2-3 hours.

Reminder!!!!  RRVDC will meet on February 28, 2015, mark your calendar!!



RRVDC Secretary

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