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July 2014 Newsletter

July 2014

Dear Dulcimer Friends,

Summer is here and the heat is ramping up in our part of the country.  It is a good time to get some practice time in, in the cool of your house or on the back porch.  There seems to be plenty of opportunities for all of us to play somewhere.  If you just want to play for somebody check out the nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Treat our Senior Citizens with an old time song they may have danced to when they were young.  They love it and it will make you feel like you gave them something special. 

Red River Valley Dulcimer Club will meet on July 19, 2014 at the First Baptist Church, 124 Evergreen, Durant OK.  Doors open at 9 AM with new players and beginning classes for both Mountain Dulcimer and Hammer Dulcimer.  There will be an instructor for both available.  For more information call Lynda Bowers at 215-623-6394.  Practice time will start at 10 AM for other players.  We will break for lunch about 12 PM.  We encourage you to bring your lunch so that we can eat have a short meeting and get on to the Jam and play some tunes until about 3 PM.

Please note that the Club will meet on July 19, August 16 and September 20, as usual on the third Saturday of the month at FBC in Durant.  The Club is now in Winter Creek Reunion mode.  So be sure to come and keep up with plans and bring your ideas to the table.  We need your help!!!!  

Speaking of help!!!  We have had, and are planning on “Work Days at David’s Dulcimers” to get things ready for the Festival.  We had a workday on June 28th with great strides in getting the Green Room ready to paint and get the carpet down, and some painting of signs and picnic tables.  If you can come and help on future dates please do!!!  Here are some dates that are already designated as Work days, September 27th and October 4, 2014.   We will look for all available Club Members to participate on these days.   Monday October 13th Columbus Day, will also be designated as a work day.  There are just as many things to be done after the Festival as before.  Anyone camping can stay over on Sunday.  We have a great Pot Luck dinner Sunday night and do a little jamming too.  Club members are encouraged to come out on Monday to help.  We are very proud of this Festival and work very hard to make it great for all.  But it is true!!!  It takes a Village to make it all happen.  And we have GREAT villagers!!

A reminder too!!  Have you sent in your registration?  Even if you’re not camping with us, please send it in with product choices and MARK your MEAL CHOICES!!  It is important we have a head count when it comes to food.  Our T-Shirts and other products are printed as ordered and extras are limited.  So if you want a T-Shirt or a meal you had better get your order in as soon as possible. Our RV camping with water and electric is full as of now, but Master Works still has available spots.  Contact them directly by e-mail at  We still have plenty of spaces for tent camping and RV dry camping.

RRVDC will have a Play Date on July 12, 2014 at Wesley Village, 2800 Loy Lake Rd. in Dennison.  Play time will be from noon to 1:30 PM.  This will be a “Red Shirt” event so please wear yours.  If you have suggestions for a “play list” call Lynda Bowers at 215-622-6394.

On August 2, 2014 you have an opportunity to take part in the Second Annual Red River Dulcimer Festival in Red River, New Mexico.  This is a Festival David and Annette has organized along with the Community House in Red River.  Several of the Club members went out last year and joined them as a Club and are going again this year.  It was a fun time with workshops in Mountain and Hammer Dulcimer, Shape Note Singing and lots of jam time.  This year the Wright’s, (we all know how great they are!!)  And Scott and Irma Reeder will be joining them.



The Reeder’s co-founded the New Mexico Dulcimer Festival in Albuquerque, NM.  They will all be in concerts on Friday and Saturday nights.  Great entertainment!!  If you’re looking for some cool weather in the heat of the summer this is the place to be.  It is beautiful in Red River with lots to do.  Contact Teri Siddens at for places to stay and camp.  

We were very proud to have some new members come to the June meeting.  We welcome you and hope you will enjoy playing music with us.  Those who signed the book were, Jonathan and Tiffany Corley, Priscilla Bowers, Haley Britt, Gail White and another young lady who didn’t sign in.  We have some returning new members also, Nancy and James Baughman, Dale Butler, John Burns and Paul Powers.  Welcome to all of you.

David, Annette, Wayne and Becky are still on their summer dulcimer journey.  We miss them but wish them safe travels.  We still have some members who are “under” the weather or dealing with medical issues.  We wish you all well and will keep you in our prayers.

July 4th is this Friday!!!  Celebrate the Birthday and Independence of our country with family and friends!  Have a picnic, roast some hot dogs.  Wear you red, white and blue proudly.  Play some music!! Most of all watch some fireworks.  If you can’t shoot them off where you live watch some on TV!!  It’s a great holiday!!!



 As always a big Thank You goes toTeri Siddens for putting together the newsletter!




RRVDC Secretary

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