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March 2014 Newsletter


Dear Friends,

The March meeting of the Red River Valley Dulcimer Club will be held on March 15, 2014 at the First Baptist Church, in Durant, OK.  Doors open at 9:00 AM with new players and beginning classes for both mountain and hammer dulcimers.  There will be instructors for both available.  For more information, please contact Lynda Bowers at 1-215-622-6394.  We will break for lunch at about noon.  We encourage you to bring your lunch as we will start the meeting during the lunch time in order to have more time for jamming.  There are refrigerators and microwaves available.  After lunch we will jam until we have to leave.  Usually about 3 PM.  Come join us.  We would love to sit and play, or teach you a new tune!!

David picked up the doors for the green room, and they were installed Saturday March 1.   We are now in the final stages of this project, but still have lots of things to complete.   We will let you know ahead of time when work days are planned.


Thanks to John Ware we are starting to gather sound equipment for the stage.  John has been good enough to donate some equipment to us and we are really pleased that we will be able to use it real soon.  John has been a Winter Creek participant for many years, having a vending booth and donating his beautiful dulcimers to the raffle.  His wood work has raised many dollars to help us with projects.  So next time you see John be sure to thank him for his help.  


Also coming up soon will be David and Annette’s “Summer Musical Road Trip”.  This is the trip they spend about five to six weeks going from festival to festival selling their beautiful dulcimers, entertaining, teaching and learning new tunes to bring back to the club.  The last stop of the summer is in Red River New Mexico where last year they along with the Community House organized the Red River Dulcimer Festival. David invited RRVDC from OK to come out and enjoy the fun.  Several of us traveled out there and it was so much fun many are planning on going again this year.  This year it will be held on August 2, 2014.  So if you’re making up your summer travel list this might be a trip you want to consider.  Just think how hot it will be in Oklahoma and Texas in August!!!   We will be talking about this more in later newsletters.

Something you might be interested in looking up.  Some of you have been to Winfield, KS for the Walnut Valley Music Festival in September each year.  There are some of us who have not been able to go for whatever reason.  Winfield is a huge festival of music with concerts, contests and jamming going on everywhere. If you talk to somebody who has been there they will tell you it is an “experience”!!  A friend reminded me the other day in an e-mail about “Carp Camp”.   It is a camp of acoustic musicians who set up a Jam and are dedicated mostly to Celtic music.  They play for four days just about around the clock.  They have a website at [Update: It has gone away.] Take a look at it.  They have their music listed where you can listen to it by the year, and in their “Homework” section if you look it will give you a list of the songs they played and scroll down and you will find sheet music for most of the songs.  A good way to listen to songs that you have not heard before.  It was an afternoon full of fun listening.   

Dulcimer Activities:

On Tuesday March 18, 2014 RRVDC will play at Reunion Plaza Assisted Living in Durant at 2 PM.  Then they will cross the street and play for Sterling House Assisted Living at 3:30 PM.  We have met and played at both places in the past and the residents were very receptive to our visit and music.  Please come join us for these events.  If you plan to play at this event or need directions call Lynda Bowers at 1-215-622-6394.

March 27, 28 & 29, 2014 Jerry and Margaret Wright will be hosting the Palestine Old Time Music and Dulcimer Festival in Palestine, TX.  For schedules and information go to the website  All information is there with contact numbers should you need more.  This is a great festival with lots of headliners for workshops, jamming and concerts.  For specific questions contact



April 26, 2014 RRVDC will be playing all day in Sherman, TX for the Earth Day festivities.  We don’t have specifics on this yet but will in the next newsletter.

May 3, 2014 RRVDC will play at the Farmers Market in Denison.  Again these are future dates to keep on your calendar. We will be playing from 9:00 AM until noon, rain or shine as there is a covered area.  If you plan to play at this fun event, contact Lynda Bowers at for a set list.

May 9, 10 & 11, 2014 the LSSDS will again host the “Glen Rose” Festival at Oak Dale Park in Glen Rose, TX.  This is always a great festival (and it’s free!!) with concerts all day long and evening concerts on Friday and Saturday nights.  It’s become the gathering spot of dulcimer players in May.  We will have more information on this as it becomes available.  You can also check their website at


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