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Sept 2013 Newsletter Update

Dear Friends,
Winter Creek Reunion is coming up fast.  Are you ready?  Have you made a list of what you need to put in your RV or car?  Don't know about you but my lists are getting longer as the time nears!!
We will be having our great raffle again this year.  Annette Lewis and Marla Loturco head this up and do an outstanding job of getting it all together and tastefully displayed and this year is no exception.  We have a quilt made by Carolyn Gilbert of Gorman, TX and Elaine Houston of Vernon, TX.  The middle panel of the beautiful quilt was embroidered  with the WCR logo and date by Laurel Hamrick of Germaine Designs in Denison, TX.  In addition to the quilt there will be musical instruments to include a hammer dulcimer made by David Lindsey.  There will also be a lot of other handmade items in the raffle.  Speaking of the raffle,  this leads me to let you know you will be required to write your name on the tickets.   This is a great opportunity to use those numerous address labels you receive in the mail.   REMEMBER you MUST be present to win!!!  But of course you will be present, because you will not want to miss a moment of the wonderful concerts we have lined up for you!
All money collected on the raffle goes to support the festival.  This allows you to enjoy a FREE festival with concerts and workshops, and helps us to improve our facilities.  Just take a look at our BRAND NEW STAGE!!  It also has a ramp so that our friends who use wheelchairs and scooters can get on stage with us once again.  Two years ago when we finished the campgrounds, the stage was only a dream.  Now with your help in buying raffle tickets it is becoming a reality!!  Be sure to tell the guys and gals of RRVDC what a good job they did!!  We owe a big "Thank You" to Jerry Lewis and Randall Cook for the direction they gave us on the stage/green room and ramp construction. They and so many others with expertise in painting, electrical and so many other jobs that needed to be done, worked there in very hot weather. Also a big thank to the  "early birds" who come to help with some many behind the scene tasks that must to be done.  WE are so blessed to have such people associated with WCR.  Annette Lindsey and Melissa Jones have been working on painting the backdrop scene.  Wait until you see it!    We are so excited that this project is coming together for this year's festival.  We still have more work to do but we will have it up and running for the festival.  A special thank you to Jerry Wheeler for the preparing the backdrop for Annette and Melissa.
Now with all that said!!!  Have you sent your registration in?  The deadline is to be postmarked by October 1!  We need to know if you plan to camp or eat with us.  Our RV camping is full but we have dry camping available and tent sites.  If you want water and electric hook ups you can still call Master Works at 1-580-847-2273.  They are right down the road from WCR, about 1/2 mile.  You can buy meal tickets for Friday and Saturday at the club booth.  BUT we will only sell tickets for what we have enough food for.   So please even if you're not camping, and you want to make sure you get a t-shirt or tote or a meal, send in a registration form.  (A mealtime hint for you-------bring a tray of some sort to put your food containers and drink on.  It is much easier to handle. )
OK!!!  All roads lead to Bennington, OK on October 10, 11, 12, 13th.  We hope you are planning to be with us for a fun filled weekend.  Remember we start on Thursday with specialty classes from 1-4 PM.  This year Guy George will teach HD, Joe Collins on MD and Betty Scott on Autoharp.  Take advantage of taking a
lesson from these great performers.  The fee for these specialty workshops is $30.00 per person, payable to the individual instructors.   As for the rest of the weekend we promise you lots of workshops and entertainment.  You will not be bored by any means.
For RRVDC members!!  Winter Creek Reunion will be our October meeting.  Be sure to wear your red club shirts on Friday to open the Friday night concert. 
Don't know about you but I can hear the music----------------c'mon lets head for Winter Creek Reunion 2013!!!!    See you there!!!

RV'ERS  coming NB 75, DO NOT take the bypass in Durant.  There is an underpass on that route that is only 13'1!

Many thanks to Teri Siddens for putting together  this newsletter.

RRVDC Secretary

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